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Deserving of the Name


1 Seasons 16 Episodes

Deserving of the Name


1 Deserving of the Name

Korean Drama Deserving of the Name With English Subtitles Download and Watch Online .

Original name명불허전

Synopsis of Deserving of the Name

Heo Im is an oriental doctor, acknowledged as the best in acupuncture and moxibustion in Joseon. His success is blocked due to his low status.

One day, Heo Im travels though time and finds himself in present day Seoul. He meets Choi Yeon-Kyung. She is doctor firmly believing in only modern medicine.

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Firt air date
Last air date2017-09-03
Episode runtime60 min
TV StatusEnded


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  1. Sab says:

    To include this, now I will have 5 dramas to watch on weekends and 5 dramas on weekdays. Total of 10 dramas in a week! My eyes are getting blurred and already hurting reading subs. Lol!

    • Nabila says:

      Ahahahah, the same!! I must get new glasses, I guess ?

    • Fish_Bowl says:

      May I ask what are all the 10 dramas you are currently watching? I want to start a new drama but I don’t know which one to start.

      • Sab says:

        Currently watching these ongoing dramas:
        List of order according to my favorite

        1. Deserving of a name
        2. Strongest Delivery Man
        3. Falsify
        4. Reunited Worlds
        5. Bride of the water God
        6. Criminal Minds
        7. Manhole
        8. School 2017
        9. Bad Thief, good Thief
        10. Save Me

        • Sab says:

          I forgot to include “man who dies to live” but I watched 4 epsodes so far and decided to download all episodes first and save it for future viewing.

        • Fish_Bowl says:

          Thank you soo much! I’ll probably watch queen for 7 days soon and maybe some of the ones you’ve listed!

        • Athena Gliddon says:

          I finished Bride of the Water God and wasn’t all that impressed. But I love numbers 2, 3, 4, and 6, so I am going to give your #1 a try :)

          • Sab says:

            You’re so correct. “BOTWGP is the worst drama I ever watched. I don’t know why it was so popular and even ranked number 1 in all kdrma sites.

        • Amulya Kolusu says:

          I guess you have lots of free time and patience to watch not so good dramas too… no one I know is watching 9, db reviews are bad about 4 and 6. I did watch 5, I regret my habit of watching a show till the end once I started.

          • Sab says:

            I endured watching the worst drama – ” Bride of the water god”, so might as well finish “Bad thieF Good thief” since I already watched it. I dropped Manhole, Save me and before that I also dropped The king Loves.

      • Sab says:

        You may watch the recently concluded drama ” Queen for 7 days”. It’s the best drama for me so far for 2017.

      • Chatelaineces says:

        Try Hospital Ship. Ha Ji Won, one of Korea’s very dependable stars, is the lead actress. Min Hyun and Leo Seo Won are her co-stars. There have been 4 episodes of 30 minutes each that have been released. It has ranked #1 in its time slot and did double digit ratings on its early episodes. Looks very promising. I have enjoyed watching The King Loves, too. It is a historical love triangle that stars Yoona and Si Wan. Deserving of the Name is my other pick. This my first time to watch Kim Nam Gil do medical comedy. It has a time slip element but the story is interesting. There are two CDrama’s you may also want to check out: Love Lost in Time and the King’s Woman. I just realized four of these are historicals. Good stuff though.

        • Fish_Bowl says:

          Thank you soo much for the list of dramas! I’m a huge fan of ha jiwon so I’ll probably watch that soon and Im also currently watching the king loves. I’ve been looking for really good chinese drama so Im glad you told me the 2 dramas!
          And again thank you!

    • pee says:

      Lol! I feel you.

    • FreeSpirit says:

      Omg I have 18 ? Lmao

    • Gachip says:

      What dramas are you watching on weekends?

  2. Sab says:

    had lots of laugh on the first two episodes. Love this drama !

  3. 사랑해 친구 says:

    this drama kills me.x_x
    it is so Good!!
    every end of each episode, I’m suffering to wait for the new episode +subs TT

  4. The Whistler says:

    What happend to hospital security?

  5. Myrna Murphy says:

    Does this have a sad or inconclusive ending?